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Couttet Champion

the poilu - the resistance fighter - the rescuer - the benefactor

First World War - 1914/1918

Le Poilu

After his third French Ski Champion title in the winter of 1914, Couttet Champion went to the front to fight for France. He fought in the trenches and returned from this painful episode gassed and ill. For his exceptional conduct and dedication, he was awarded the Croix de Guerre (War Cross) by the military command.

Ministry of War

Letter of Congratulations

On 31st December 1926, Couttet Champion received a Letter of Congratulations from General Echard for his zeal and dedication in contributing to the work of the Physical Education and Military Service Preparation societies.

Second World War - 1939/1945

The Resistance Fighter

At the age of 50, Champion Couttet took part in the fight in the army of shadows. A Resistance fighter in the Beaufortin, he kept an eye on German troop movements as they passed through the Roselend valley on their way to and from Italy. He gave the number of men, weapons and any other important information about the enemy. For his remarkable commitment, courage and energy, he was awarded another Croix de Guerre (War Cross).

Mountain Rescue

The First-Aider

With more than forty mountain rescues to his name, Couttet Champion has never hesitated to pledge his own life to come to the aid of others. On 16th February 1926, this dedication to his fellow citizens earned him the Silver Medal (1st class) for Courage and Devotion from interior Minister Camille Chautemps.

Physical Education

The Gold, twice in a row

For services to physical education and sports, on 11th February 1932, Alfred Couttet received his first Gold Medal of Honour from the under-secretary of State at the Ministry of Public Instruction and Fine Arts, responsible for Physical Education, Émile Morinaud. On 27th July 1932, he received his second Gold Medal of Honour from the under-secretary of State at the Ministry of National Education, responsible for Physical Education, Marie Jean Philippe Marcombes.

Honour Homeland

Legion of Honour

On 14 April 1962, Alfred Couttet was made a Knight of the Legion of Honour by the President of the Republic and received his insignia from General Catroux, Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honour.

Civic Virtues and National Prestige

Civic Star

On 17th October 1971, Couttet Champion was awarded the Étoile Civique (Civic Star), a vermeil medal by the President of the Académie Française, for his contributions to the enrichment of the community, the improvement of social life and the progress of humanity, and for his life and career of work, abnegation and sacrifices.

Other decoration

Palmes Académiques

Academic Palms.