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INA flashes the news (full video)
The Company of Chamonix Guides
Panorama - 12th August1966 - 16'40" - video

Report on the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix. The subject is illustrated by numerous images of rope parties and snow-covered walls, views of the massif,... and includes interviews with Pierre PERRET, Pierre LEROUX, Alfred Couttet,...

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Radio France Podcast - 59'
"Beyond the summits" series
Episode 7/9 : The origins of the spirit of skiing
10th april 2022

In 1968, in the 4th episode of "La montagne m'a dit", a report from Chamonix retraced the history of the École Française de Ski, with testimonials from Alfred Couttet and Émile Allais, illustrated by readings from Jean-Paul Sartre and Thomas Mann.